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Sofja Wolsky is Dutch. She studied painting and photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in the Netherlands.

The work of Sofja Wolsky contains realistic elements in lively colours, often situated in an illusionary setting. Exaggeration, unexpected combinations of colours and unusual points of view often result in estrangement and call for attention. The viewer is challenged to look at the work with a different perspective. In this way the viewer is invited to project own experience and emotion into the work and to create an opinion.

In this setting portraits are constructed with deformation and recreation and oversized fruit is displayed in drums and baths. Men and women, depending on each other to reach their individual goals, are placed in get-together situations in baths, woods or baskets, being forced to deal with each other.

In all the work of Sofja Wolsky, manipulating light and space are important elements. In fact light and space are becoming as important as the subjects at hand. The subjects are a means to get the attention of the viewer, while in fact the composition of subject, light and space allow for a long term and more intensive interest in the work.

Professional activities of Sofja Wolsky include:

  • Painting, see Portfolio
  • Exhibitions of the work, see Expositions
  • Selective courses in painting for individuals
  • Workshops in painting for groups of 10 to15 people

Feel free to contact me any time using the contact form or by phone.

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